A selection of the many unsolicited texts, cards and letters of thanks that have come back to me over the years:

"Hi Ann, just a short line to say thank you for the lovely send off that you helped to create and deliver so perfectly for my Dad.  The service was just what he would have wanted...We've had lovely feedback from those attending the service from afar via the online webcast, they really felt part of the service and got to know a lot more about Dad.  Thank you again."  David's daughter, December 2020

"Dear Ann, we would like to say thank you for your support and guidance during our Mum's funeral.  Your professionalism and kindness were a great comfort to us and especially the wonderful service.  Thank you".  Hazel's family, November 2020

"Dear Ann, thank you so much for today - you portrayed Marjorie so brilliantly - everyone was impressed I’m sure she would have approved.  You certainly did her proud.  I will recommend (hopefully not too soon!)  Many thanks x"     Marjorie's niece, September 2020

"Dear Ann, we would like to say thank you once more for the lovely service you gave to our Dad, Malcolm.  You were fantastic and made us feel very safe and secure to grieve during our very saddest moments on Wednesday.  Everyone at the wake commented on how wonderful you had been, how warm and gentle your guidance, kindness and words had been towards Dad and the whole family.  We will always appreciate how you gave us the best opportunity to say goodbye to Dad.  Lots of love..."  Malcolm's daughter, March 2020

"Hello Ann, I'd just like to thank you again for everything you have done for us...you made sure his last day went as it should, your words were just right, the place was packed and you kept my feet on the ground.  So from the bottom of my heart I'm so thankful that we had you"  Shaun's daughter, January 2020

"Hi Ann thank you for reading and managing a lovely and very befitting service for Tracy..."  Tracy's husband, October 2019


"...I truly believe you were destined to be a celebrant - I cannot find the words to say how grateful I am for the beautiful service you delivered for my sister.  The words were so beautiful and you delivered them with such care, empathy and attention to detail.  It was as if you had known her and our family.  I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to have taken the service - you are one of a kind." Jackie's sister January 2019

"Hello Ann, Just wanted to say thank you once again for that lovely service you delivered this morning you were right I had nothing to worry about, take care lovely to meet you x"  Ronald's daughter, February 2019

"Hello Ann, I just wanted to thank yo for the beautiful service you gave at my husband's funeral.  The readings gave us great comfort.  So thanks again for making it special to us all"  Gordon's family, February 2019

"Hi Ann, on behalf of us all, thank you so much for a lovely tribute. We are very happy with what you've written and well done!"  Steven's Mum November 2018

"Hi Ann, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the beautiful service you gave for my dad. Many people commented on how, nice, moving and personal it was and how lovely you were. The book that you have put together is such a lovely touch, I did not expect anything like it. Something for me to treasure forever. Thank you again". Jimmy's daughter November 2018

"I would like to reinforce the gratitude that we expressed at the time and thank you once again. The service hit all the right notes and many , many friends and relatives were most complementary of your efforts."  Jan's husband, September 2018

"Hello Ann, I would just like to express my thanks for the lovely service that you put together for us yesterday, I received a lot of comments saying how nice it was and it was just like my mam. Thanks again for a great job Ann it made things a little easier to deal with. Thank you."  Carol's daughter September 2018

"Dear Ann, I would like to thank you for conducting such a beautiful service for my brother it was truly heartfelt the way you delivered the Eulogy was totally professional and I believe you reached out and touched everyone's heart in so many ways. I certainly will be recommending you to family and friends as and when the time comes, once again Ann thank you so much."  Stephen's sister, August 2018

"Hi Ann, the script is lovely, thank you so much for making such a wonderful job." Olive's daughter, July 2018

"Ann, thank you so much for Dad's beautiful service yesterday and for being such a beautiful friend."  Sam's daughter, April 2018

"Can l thank you again for the lovely service that you conducted for Dad. Everyone commented on how nice it was and that gives us comfort."  Douglas's son, April 2018

"We would all like to thank you for conducting the service for us - it was indeed uplifting and captured the spirit of John perfectly."  John's wife March 2018 


"I wanted to say thank you from all of my family for the lovely service you delivered on Friday. It was very fitting and a lot of people said afterwards how it was lovely to listen to the story of my Dad’s life."  Dave's daughter February 2018

"Hi Ann, Thank you for your help. Everyone thought the service was lovely and that you read it very well and with feeling." Maureen's daughter, January 2018

"Hi Ann Thank you so much the service was absolutely lovely." Elizabeth's daughter, January 2018

"Ann, I felt I had to get in touch to thank you for all your help with Maureen's eulogy. It was everything we wanted to remember about Maureen and delivered in the manner I had hoped for, with warmth. I'm so glad we found you. Thank you."  Maureen's husband March 2017

"The service was lovely - thank you so much - we are all so grateful and it has been lovely working with you. It was just what Julie would have wanted."  Julie's brother, June 2017

"Hello Ann, would like to give another thank you from the both of us for the delivery of the eulogy.  All  went well, several people said the ceremony was lovely, which it was!"  Rena's son January 2018

"Hi Ann, I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for the lovely service you delivered at my mum's funeral. Lots of people came up to us & said what a lovely service it was & they were so impressed with you & how you delivered it. Thank you so much for helping make a difficult day something we can treasure moving forward. Thank you."  Fiona's sons, March 2017

"Hi Ann, We would just like to thank you so much for the beautiful service you gave Laura. Everybody who was there said it was a wonderful tribute to our lovely daughter. Thank you so much for all of your help and support at this very sad time in our lives."  Laura's Mum, February 2016